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DS : BTSSB Red Riding Hood OP

A couple of things you need to know :

♥ Shipping is not included in the price. Ask me and I'll tell you :)! I also refund if you pay too much shipping.
♥ I accept payments via Paypal, both regular and CC Paypal.
♥ I kinda need the money, so I don't think I will accept trades at the moment.
♥ I will not accept payment plans at the moment, since I need the money. Sorry :(
♥ I have two cats, a little girly kitten who likes my wardrobe, and a big male cat who's a bit feminine and likes lolita as much as me! So there may be cat hair on my items but I will do my very best to remove them.
♥ Prices are in canadian dollars.
♥ The paypal fees are on me!
♥ If there is any problem, contact me so we can work something out. I haven't find any flaws on my items but we never know.
♥ Please don't ask me what is the minimum I would take for an item. Just tell me a price and we'll see :)
♥ There MAY BE a small odor on my items due to storage in a basement. Give it some fresh air and everything should be okay.

Please be aware that shipping from Canada can be a bit expensive, I'm sorry about that ;___;

My feedback page

So, it's breaking my heart but I have to sell my beautiful Red Riding Hood OP because I need money. I never wear it anyway (just tried it on and took a picture lol)

This is my picture (yeah, I had a herp derp face so...) :

This is the hellolace link :
Mine does not come with the cape, but it does come with the detachable sleeves, even if they're not pictured. I'm at work right now, but if you need any detail picture, I'll be glad to take one when I get back to my appartment.

Measurements, according to hellolace : 91cm length, 90cm bust, 80cm waist, 67cm (short sleeves: 25cm) sleeve length
Price : 300$

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