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DS/DT: lots of Jane Marple, ETC, IW, Meta, Milk and AP

general info

  • I accept paypal (+4%) and bank transfer.

  • I have feedback in my journal as well as in eglfeedback (+ 202)

  • If you want more info on a specific item or more pictures, just ask!

  • I ship from Belgium or from the UK (only on the 1st of November) , shipping is NOT included.

  • I'm not responsible if an item gets lost in the mail.

Emily Temple Cute cat music note dress: sold

Emily Temple Cute toy dress: sold

Jane Marple striped dotted dress

very lovely fabric and cut
fully lined and built-in petti
lacing in the back
perfect condition

bust (measured flat): 45 cm (can be made smaller)
waist (measured flat): 38 cm (can be made smaller)
length: 103 cm

150 euro

Jane Marple crown dress: sold

DS or DT: Emily Temple Cute vegetable dress (new with tags): sold

Emily Temple Cute embroided cherry dress: sold

Metamorphose black dress: sold

Emily Temple Cute bordeaux dress & bag: sold

Metamorphose OTK cherry socks: sold

Metamorphose  OTK apple socks: sold

Metamorphose OTK alphabet socks: sold

Metamorphose  OTK brown striped socks: sold

Innocent World brown striped OTK crown socks: sold

Jane Marple OTK crown socks: sold

Innocent World OTK crown socks: sold

Candy Stripper OTK socks: sold

Angelic Pretty OTK cat socks: sold

Angelic Pretty OTK polkadot socks: sold

Angelic Pretty OTK key crown socks: sold

Innocent World OTK crown sock: sold

Emily Temple Cute OTK polkadot socks (new): sold

Metamorphose short cherry socks: sold

Angelic Pretty kneehigh pink socks (new)

pink socks with golden embroided emblem

15 euro

Innocent World kneehigh pink bow socks (new)

Innocent World kneehigh black bow socks: sold

Angelic Pretty kneehigh bunny socks: sold

Metamorphose kneehigh trump socks: sold

Emily Temple Cute kneehigh crown socks (new): sold

Milk kneehigh sailor socks

Offbrand heart socks

Offbrand bow socks

Offbrand kneehigh lace sock

Metamorphose kneehigh poodle socks

Emily Temple Cute offwhite cardigan: sold

Emily Temple Cute pink cardigan

light pink
lovely buttons
flattering cut
very good condition

length: 52 cm
bust (measured flat): 47 cm
arms: 57 cm

40 euro

Jane Marple music note skirt: trade pending

Jane Marple venetian glass gobelin skirt: no longer available

Jane Marple black silver pleated skirt (new with tags)

very lovely skirt for a bargain price
silver fabric with black transparant fabric above
more beautiful than in the pictures

waist (measured flat): 35 cm
length: 50 cm

80 euro

Jane Marple marine skirt: sold

Shirley Temple petti: sold

Emily Temple Cute bow skirt: sold

Jane Marple black poncho: sold

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, emily temple cute, innocent world, jane marple, metamorphose, milk, offbrand, shirley temple
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