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DS/DT: Kidsyoyo Violin Rose coat set, Dear Celine blouse

I'm in need of money and I'm trimming down my wardrobe, so here are a couple of items first off. :)

Some notes:
- Prices are in AUD, ships from Australia.
- EGL feedback is here - If you'd like other feedback please let me know.
- I will put items on hold/discuss payment plans for serious buyers only. I am also willing to negotiate prices.
- Please note, shipping is from Australia and international (for the coat) might get rather expensive, depending on the shipping you choose.


1. DS/DT for Kidsyoyo Violin Rose Embroidery Coat SET in wine red



(stock picture shown, has a better idea of the coat's true colour)
It's such a beautiful coat, I love it so and I'll be sad to see it go. The set includes the coat, capelet, muff and beret. Fully lined, in great condition, though the beret came to me without one of its rhinestones. Versatile - the collar on the capelet can be removed and added on the coat itself, and has an adjustable waist tie.
$360 AUD. I would definitely consider offers on a partial trade for JetJ's Amour d'Amants skirt in size 2. :)

MEASUREMENTS (taken from the site)
Length - 90cm
Bust - 80-95cm
Waist - 60-68cm

2. DS for Dear Celine Summer Breeze Puff Sleeve Blouse


Excellent condition - only worn once, and still has its tags. It's a lovely blouse, but it just doesn't suit my body type unfortunately. In DC's Medium size, but is adjustable for curves with ribbon at the back. $35 AUD

MEASUREMENTS (taken from the site)
Bust - 86cm
Length - 54cm

Thanks for looking!
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