eriikka_93 (eriikka_93) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: BtssB, AP dress, IW blouses

- I live in Finland
- I use only PAYPAL
- I will ship internationally
- I use EMS or Airmail
- The prices doesn't include postal charges
-You can make offers
- I have a dog, but I don't  smoke
- Prices are in Euro

Here is my feedpack page:

1. Angelic Pretty Milky Chan Alpplique jsk

Price: 250e Now 200e
I bought it from from Angelic Pretty english website.
It's like a new, but without tags.
Not used at all. Only tried once.

2. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pony In Sweer dream jsk, head bow and socks

Price: 250e Now 200e
I will sell those all together.
Every of them is bought new from BtssB webshop.
JSK is like a new. Used only once and its really beautifull.
Head bow is used only once too.
Socks are used and I don't aks much for them. Those are maybe little dirty, I don't know.
Anyway I will send them with JSK and headbow and new owner can choose what to do with them.

3. Baby the Stars Shine Bright bag

Price: 75e Now 65e
I bought this bag from Baby the Stars Shine Bright web store.
It's new, but without tags. It looks really beautifull.

4. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tulle Pannier

Price:70e Now 55e
Bought from BTSSB webstore.
Used twice, but in excelled contidition and like a new.

5. BTSSB pink head ribbon

Price: 25e 15e
Bought from BTSSB  web store.
It's new without tags and really cute.

6. White IW blouse

Price: 70e Now 60e
I bought this IW blouse from their web store.
I'm not used it at all, but comes without tags.

7. IW Blouse

Price: 70e Now 60e
I bought it from IW web store.
I'm used it twice but it's still like a new. SOLD!!!


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, color:pink, color:white, innocent world, item:bag, item:blouse, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt
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