isisbathory (isisbathory) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: TAOBAO wigs and more

Hello people,
I'm taking orders from taobao for wigs and a few more things,
take this chance,

Short and curly wig 30euros with shipping included

Cute wig - medium length - 35euros with shipping included

Blond wig with pony tails 35 euros with shipping included

Lolita sandals 30euros with shipping included
Available in white, black and pink

Shoes available in black and white 50euros in with shipping included

I order things from taobao, they usually get shipped very quickly after the payment, but sometimes it also depends from customs, but usually pretty quickly, everything gets shipped on EMS

Payment is made by paypal
I only send things with tracked shipped
I have got positive feedback here

Tags: taobao
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