Rhidia (rhidia) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Angelic Pretty Perfume Bottle Necklace

I only take Paypal
I ship internationally but I will have to add the additional cost for whichever country you need it delivered.
I am open to other offers
I reserve the right to refuse sale or trade.
I have a cat and a dog, please take into consideration if you have allergies.
You can find my feeback page here.

Poupee Listing Proof
Angelic Pretty Website

Angelic Pretty Pink Perfume Bottle Necklace $55 shipped in the US
I bought this a while directly from Chibi_tenshi right when the perfume bottle accessories came out. I had to have it! I've worn it a couple times but it's in like new condition. I'm selling it because I haven't worn it in a while. I am willing to accept trades for other Angelic Pretty Jewelry and accessories. PS. This is a repost after one month. I couldn't find my old listing.

Thanks for looking!!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:pink, item:accessory
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