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!DS - Sexy Dynamite London, Jane Marple, Shirley Temple

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♥ If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll try to reply as soon as I can.

CHOICE frilly shirt
Free size (Bust: 82cm, Waist: 82cm, Length: 42cm)
I bought it second hand but it's in like new condition, I never wore it myself.

CHOICE velveteen bondage pants
Size S
Waist: 74cm
Hips: 100cm approx
Rise: 27cm
Length: 98cm
Thigh: 24cm approx
100% cotton
New with tags

CHOICE blue&white gingham frilly shirt
Free size (S)
Worn but in good condition

Sexy Dynamite Queen skirt
Size S
Waist 64cm
Hips 90cm
Second hand, in great condition

Jane Marple cherry dress
Size S
Bust: 82cm
Waist: 74cm
Length: 82cm
Worn, in good condition. Flaws shown in pictures below.

Shirley Temple dress
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 76cm
Length: 94cm
Purchased from a member of the community, I never wore it myself as I don't think it suits me. In good condition. Flaws pictured below.

"Punk Rave" spiderweb sweater
Bust: 94-100cm aprox (stretchy)
Waist: ~94-100cm aprox
Length: 84cm
New with tags.

Classic Hardware cherry necklace
Enameled metal

Jane Marple skirt (floral chiffon(?) skirt + mint underskirt)
Waist 66cm (underskirt 66~90cm)
Length 45 (underskirt 47cm including tulle)
Worn, in great condition

Tags: !ds, jane marple, sexy dynamite london, shirley temple
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