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SOLD! - !DS Lavender Secret Shop Tea Parties LL/24.5 & get white Anna Sui shoes free

I bought these tea parties earlier this year, and they arrived perfectly beautiful, but a half size too small. They would likely best fit a US size 8, but a 7.5 or 8.5 could likely wear them too. I fit a BTSSB LL, but apparently not a Secret Shop LL.

Since I'd like what I paid for the shoes, I decided to add in a little more incentive. I received these beautiful white real leather Anna Sui shoes as a gift when I lived in Japan. They are also slightly too small for me, and marked a 24.5. I wore them once, so they have very slight scuffs near the back of the shoes. The light colored soles show how little they were worn. The insides of the shoes are still the very very pretty shiny purple. These are high quality expensive shoes. They have a Japanese closure that makes them easy to take on and off.

In addition, if you were wanting a uniquely colored pair of mary janes for lolita, these would be perfect for dying. They are real leather, so any type of leather dye would work very well on them. Not bad for a free pair of shoes!

I'm asking $66 + shipping for the two pairs of shoes. I can ship them with or without boxes, but it will be slightly more expensive with boxes. Preference goes to U.S. buyers.

First one to pay gets both pairs of shoes. Leave your paypal address and zip code and preference for boxes/no boxes, and I will calculate shipping. I will screen your comment. I will cover shipping materials out of my own pocket and only ask for exact priority shipping. Delivery confirmation will be free with priority shipping, but if you choose to save a few dollars on parcel post, I won't be responsible for the package once it leaves my hands. UPS is an option, but it will take longer to send your package.

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