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DS: Jane Marple Ballet Skirt

  • For feedback, see here .

  • I'm currently not doing any trades.

  • Payment by paypal, no fees unless paying with cc.

  • There are basically two ways I can ship items internationally with tracking, as a letter (the estimated costs below are calculated for this method and it will be used as the default), and as a package. If you live in Germany it is also possible to ship by small package.

  • Included in the shipping costs are the fees for registered mail. I won't ship unregistered.

Price: 75 EUR

Condition: Excellent, but it has the usual side effects of storing clothes in a closet for a long time (wrinkles, some dust). There are some tiny frays at the waist part, but this might have something to do with the way it is sewn.

Size: length 62cm, waist 65cm

Shipping: 4 EUR(DE), 8 EUR(EU), 14 EUR(world)

Another photo

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !ds, jane marple

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