akai_chou808 (akai_chou808) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

ATTN seller: tiamat4eva

Hello ladies & gents~

I am currently looking for tiamat4eva. I had purchased a H.NAOTO shirt from her about a week ago in this post and communication suddenly stopped after payment was sent. I am rather worried at the moment after speaking to a friend who experienced a similar problem and only received a reply after threatening to leave her negative feedback. I would like to avoid such extremes at the moment but if worse comes to worse I may have to consider it.

She has a vast amount of positive feedback so I doubt shes a scammer. If anyone can get in contact with her and let her know that I am looking for her it would be greatly appreciated.

☆Thank you☆
Tags: !attention buyer/seller, h.naoto

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