lolita_laura (lolita_laura) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Black Knee-high Lolita-style Boots, UK 5

Feedback page:

Hi people! I would like to buy some black Lolita-style knee high boots in a UK size 5. I don't mind if they are brand, indie or offbrand but I would like to keep it to UK sellers only as I need them in a few weeks.

The style of boot I'm looking for are those scalloped styles, usually with hearts or some similar design but I don't mind if they're plain. I don't mind what style of heel they have either. Hopefully someone will have a pair so throw them my way please!

Tags: !wtb, an*tai*na, an-ten-na, any brand, bodyline, color:black, double decker, indie brand, item:shoes, lolita lola, montreal, offbrand, r-series, taobao
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