Beccah (xbeccahx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS GLW Auburn Rust Wig with detatchable pigtails,brown Cliss Wig

  1. I am in the UK :)
  2.  I accept PAYPAL only.
  3. I will take offers
  4. Paypal fees are your responsibility :)
  5. I ship using 2ND CLASS post within the UK,if you'd like first it'll be around 50p extra.
  6. My feedback page is here:
    Although I lack EGL feedback,please note my very good Ebay feedback

OK, first off is a Auburn Rust Wavy GLW wig. I've hardly worn it (once to try on) but I did straighten it slightly and  try to cut in a better fringe. I wasnt successful however the fringe is still rather straight (as you can see in the pics) and can easily be styled.
Due to these alterations I'm asking £15 shipped within the UK OBO.

Cliss Wig
Bought this off the EGL sales,but its really not in the condition I thought it was. Its very natural but needs combing through by someone with a wig brush,I don't have one or the time to get one. I'd like £6 shipped withtin the UK or best offer

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