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DS/DT: Rose Toilette

* Prices in USD (United States Dollars)
* Shipping not included in price (unless stated) and is as follows:
USA $15 / International $30
* Tracking Included (will add insurance if requested)
* All sales are final (no refunds or exchanges)
* Paypal only (no e-checks)
* Payment plans and holds are okay

Rose Toilette OP

Bust 90cm / Waist 70cm / Length 93cm / Sleeve Cuff 28cm

I am more interested in selling than trading but if full trade is met, will happily oblige! ^   ^

Will Trade for:
Full Trade - Dress for Dress
  • Dreamy Dollhouse Switching     JSK           Black or Mint
  • Candy Chan on a Walk              JSK            Any
  • Milky Chan Necklace Style         JSK           Black
  • Melty Chocolate                          JSK           Pink x Pink
  • Toy Parade                                  JSK          Black or White
  • Wonder Party Mini Sleeve          JSK           Black or Pink x Pink
Partial Trade - Dress + Headbow or Cash difference (Rose Toilette - Average EGL Price of Trade Jsk + Headbow = Cash Difference)
  • Marchen Ribbon Back Frill           JSK           Black or Pink                     +          Headbow
  • Miracle Candy                              JSK           Pink                                     +     Headbow or Cash
  • Fruits Parlor Heart                        JSK           Pink or Mint                         +           Headbow
  • Chest Switching Striped               JSK           Pink or Blue                         +              Cash
  • Lovely Heart Tulle                        JSK            Black or Red                       +              Cash
  • Whipped Magic                             OP            Black                                   +               Cash
  • Fantastic Dolly High Waist           JSK            Black, Pink, or White          +      Headbow or Cash
  • Wonder Cookie Bustier                JSK            Black or Pink                      +            Headbow
  • Dreamy Macaroon                      JSK             Black or Mint                       +      Headbow or Cash
  • Jewelry Jelly                               JSK             Black                                   +      Headbow or Cash

Milky Chan White Parka still available here

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, color:pink, item:onepiece
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