starcraver (starcraver) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: Urgent - Hime Wigs & etc.

I'm looking for a hime-style wig ASAP.
I'm open to anything from champaign blondes to light browns.
I'm also open to fantasy/pastel colors and maybe even darker colors if it's classy.
Curls and length are great, as well as volume, poof, and bouffants.
I'm not a stickler for specific brands, but Cyperous or Fantasy Sheep would be cool. Really, as long as it's Tokyokalon/Kanekalon/Futura fiber or better, I'll take a look.
I'm looking for a wig in decent condition, but I don't mind if it's been worn several times, trimmed, or needs to be restyled.
Don't be scared to make me offers or suggest other things you're looking to sell me, as long as they're wig/hair-related.

Thank you, sweethearts!

Tags: !wtb, item:wigs
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