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WTB! Black Winter Coat/Jacket; DT! pink AP Blouse

- I'm located in Germany
- European Sellers prefered
- Payment via Paypal/Banktransver if you're in Europe
- Feedback

 Since it's getting colder and colder over here, i'd like to buy a a warm coat or maye a jacket. I'd like it to be all black, though some accents in other colors are fine, too :3 My budged is about ~150 euro, but i would love to spend less, harahr xD
It should fit my measurements:
bust: 96cm
waist: 72 cm

Here are some examples to give you an idea what i'm looking for:

Next up, I'd like to trade my Angelic Pretty Eternal Girl Blouse in pink
I'm looking for black blouses, parasols pink/black, boots, but show me what you have :3 I'll probalby not sell it, sorry

Hellolace                                       proof
Measurements (according to Hellolace):
bust: 90.5cm - 99.5cm (but i really wouldn't recommend it for a bust above 97 cm)
waist: 76.5cm - 85.5cm
length: 50cm
The blouse is in great condition, i've only worn it once and then decided pastel pink wasn't for me.

Thank you for looking :3
Tags: !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, color:black, color:pink, item:blouse, item:outerwear
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