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!DS, & !DT

Hello everyone! I've decided to do a another closet cleanout! I need money right now for the most part but I am still willing to look at trades if it's something I would really like! My Sailor Moon figure here will be my proof throughout the sales post (as well as my dress form): Black Lady :p

Here's my info and rules! Please read before commenting/purchasing
Photobucket ----->Feed Back here My Feedback (all Positive).
I have more as well, but people often forget to leave fb T_T

PhotobucketAll prices are in USD
PhotobucketShipping and PP are included in price for USA-if International please ask me for a Shipping quote!
PhotobucketI would really rather sell right now but I am still open to trades on all items. Show me what you have-I'm mostly into Sweet Lolita though. A list of what I own & want may be found it my journal-if it matches something that I own I'll probably want it!
PhotobucketPAYPAL ONLY!
Things to keep in mind at all times!:
PhotobucketPriority goes to whomever is willing to pay full price and leaves their paypal first! You have 24hours to pay after I send the invoice-then it goes to the next person in line. In the case of OBO priority goes to who is willing to pay full price first and leaves their pp!
Photobucket I do have a life outside of Lolita-so I understand if you cannot reply immediatly but *please* do not leave in the middle of a business transaction.
PhotobucketIf an item is OBO feel free to leave a REASONABLE offer.
PhotobucketI am not responsible for lost packages. Therefore, I will always ship tracked. Sorry. Note: IF you do want to take the risk of untracked items you need to sent payment as a gift to me. I wouldn't recommend this however, as it does not provide you any buyer protection should your package go lost. But I have had ppl insist upon non-tracked before so I have amended my rule to include this.
PhotobucketIf I agree to a payment plan all payments made are non-refundable!

PhotobucketAll sales final! No returns/refunds! Ask any questions BEFORE you buy! I'll be happy to answer them!

And now onto the sales! Also, unless stated I will take offers on these items!

Item #1-
Dream of Lolita Sugary Carnival Replica Skirt & headbow set Size M in black

Head Bow:

Ordered this skirt direct from DoL & I am the first owner. It's been worn twice-once by me and once by my sister. In perfect condition. No stains, rips, or tears. Come with pin-on bow, both waist ties, and headbow. I would say that this could fit a 32" waist MAX. My waist is 29" and it's a bit snug, but there is some elastic on the back which could make it go larger but not by much.

Asking: 80USD shipped in USA & including pp fees. Int'l ask for a quote!

Item #2
Angelic Pretty short-sleeved Blouse in white.

****Prefer to TRADE this item for a like-blouse that will fit a 38" bust & 29" waist!****
Okay, I'm really upset to sell this one. I purchased it b/c the seller listed that the measurements would fit 38" bust MAX but it will not fit over my breasts w/out making them horribly smooshed/uniboob/stupid looking. I would say that this is 34" bust MAX it does fit my waist fine, however, so a 29" would be fine, but I would say that is max as well. Only tried on by me-I'm the second owner, and I can only assume that the first owned did wear it at least once. Very *minor* wear. No noticeable stains or rips at all.

Asking 65USD Shipped in USA & including PP fees - int'l ask!
Again, would really prefer to trade this!

Item #3-
Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate socks in mint! NWT!

Stock photo:


I bought these on mbok awhile back-they were listed on mbok as NWOT- but when I opened the bag to inspect the socks before I listed them here, the tag fell out from in between the socks! So, while it's not attached, the tag *is* there. Never worn at all. The day after I purchased them on mbok, a seller here listed them and I purchased from her since she was in USA and I wanted them in time for a meetup. So, I have no need for two of them.
Asking 70USD shipped in USA including pp fees. Int'l ask! (note that I will not take offers on these socks-however, I will trade them!)

Item #4-

Handmade (not by me!) Sweets hair accessory.

Purchased on impulse, but I really have nothing to coord it with besides the SC replica that I'm selling. If you purchase the SC Replica, I can add it on for 2USD. Otherwise, asking 5USD shipped in USA including pp fees - int'l ask!

Item #7-

Metamorphose Polka-dot tiered JSK

I got this in the Summer Lucky Pack. I actually really like it, and I've worn it twice now. It's just not something I can really coord well. I guess I just don't do polka dots, lol. It's super-cute and has little sparkles in the chiffon fabric. It's also fully shirred-it's basically free size, which makes this plus-size friendly as well! I'm also including the slip that came with it-you need that b/c the fabric is see-through, XD
Asking- 100USD shipped in USA including pp fees-int'l ask!

Item #8-

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate mint fabric swatch.

Doesn't include tag or button! Asking 5USD shipped in WORLDWIDE including pp fees!

Link to my old sales- Still some socks, a skirt and accessories for sale!

Thanks for looking!

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