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DS: Hair clips (spiders, hearts, strawberries, apples and ribbons)

Payment and shipping:

* All prices are in euros and don't include shipping cost
* I accept Paypal and bank transfer
* I ship from Finland


I have a feedback page in eglfeedback community:

DS: Hair clips:

You can choose the colour of hair clips from 5 options: navy blue, black, off white, pure white, pearl white and red.

Hair clips #001
- Big spiders, available in black and blackxwhite.

Price 3e/pair:

Hair clips #002
- Big hearts, available in bright red, dark red and redxwhite.

Price 3e/pair:

Hair clips #003
- Small pink hearts, available in plain pink and pinkxwhite gingham.

Price 3e/pair:

Hair clips #004
- Small strawberries, available in red, redxwhite and pinkxwhite.

Price 3e/pair:

Hair clips #005
- Small apples, available in red, redxwhite polkadots and redxwhite gingham.

Price 3e/pair:

Hair clips #006
- Bows made of wide grosgrain ribbon.

Ribbon availalable in white, black and blackxwhite!

Price 5e/pair:

Tags: !ds, handmade
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