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!DS: SHIRRED Meta Candy House JSK in MINT + more

Feedback Page: Here
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Shipping is additional. I am willing to ship international. I ship domestically and internationally by Priority. Insurance is optional but strongly encouraged.
Paypal fees are included.
Prices are negotiable but the item will go to whoever is willing to pay full price or highest offer first.
I am willing to do ~short (<1 month) layaways with a non-refundable 25% deposit.

Shirred Mint Metamorphose Candy House JSK SOLD

My Pictures: [Front][Back]
Sizing: Bust and Waist fully shirred, 27inch-45(ish) inch. The elastic in this jsk is very soft and gives quite a lot. It can stretch quite a bit further than 45" but then it starts to gap in the front (though, if buyer doesn't mind stretching to max, there is a bit more give). From top of bodice to bottom of lace 27 inches. There is no shirring in straps; straps are 17 inches.
Condition: Had one previous owner who wore it 2-3 times. I have worn it 3-4 times. It is in excellent condition.
Price: $295 + shipping

Fan Plus Friend Oriental JSK - MODIFIED

My Pictures (MODIFICATIONS): [Front][Back]
Sizing: Bust - 20" FLAT, Waist - 18" FLAT (can be adjusted with back tie), Length - 32" (from top of bodice to bottom of lace)
Condition: Second Owner. Arrived without the black bows. Excellent condition. My pictures are without a petticoat.
Modifications: Was way too long so I shortened the skirt. I modified the bow so that instead of tying around the whole waist it is now sewn into the sides and tied in back. Created 4 extra bows with the extra fabric. I removed the front black cross lacing. It will NOT come with the front lacing as I cannot find it. The loops are still intact. They are not very noticeable without the lacing.
Price: $45 + shipping

ITS Blouse #1 SOLD

More Pictures:[Back]
Sizing: Length - 24"; Bust - 22" FLAT; Waist - 20" FLAT (adjustable via back ties)
Condition: Excellent Condition. Worn twice.
Price: $20 + shipping

ITS Blouse #2 - MODIFIED

More Pictures: [Back][Buttons][Stains]
Sizing: Bust - 19.5" FLAT (can go quite large due to the elastic and gathering); Waist - 18.5" FLAT; Hips - 23" FLAT; Length - 19" FLAT (from front top of bodice to bottom of blouse)
Condition: Good condition. Slight staining in armpits.
Modifications: Originally closed in the back with a column of buttons. I sewed the back so that the buttons are in the back seam. My sewn seam CAN be removed. The original buttons and buttonholes are still present.
Price: $10 + shipping

ITS Alice Skirt in BLUE

Sizing: Length - 21", Waist - 18" FLAT (closes with a button - NO SHIRRING)
Condition: Excellent condition. Only worn 2-3 times. My pictures are with a petticoat. The petticoat is NOT included.
Price: $25 + shipping

SecretShop Tea Party Shoes in BLUE SOLD

More Pictures: [Scuff]
Sizing: Size L
Condition: Very good condition. One of the back bows has a noticeable scuff (included in pictures). Otherwise no flaws.
Price: $40 + shipping

AnnaHouse Shoes in WHITE SOLD

More Pictures: [Scuff]
Sizing: Size 38
Condition: Good condition. Some wear on the edges and some scuffing (shown in pictures).
Price: $20 + shipping

BodyLine Boots in BROWN

Sizing: 27cm; calf circumference - 6.5"-9.5" FLAT (adjustable via lacing).
Condition: Excellent condition. No visible damage.
Price: $45 + shipping

Montreal Shoes in WHITE

More Pictures: [Scuff]
Sizing: 38
Condition: Fair condition. Fairly worn but still wearable. Some scuffing (shown in pictures).
Price: $15 + shipping

Offbrand Shoes in WHITE

More Pictures: [Scuff 1][Scuff 2]
Sizing: They say size 5 but they fit like a US size ~8.
Condition: Very good condition, minor scuffing (shown in pictures).
Price: $10 + shipping

Offbrand Heart Purse

More Pictures: [Stains]
Sizing: Maximum strap length - 44"; interior - 8"x7". Does have smaller hand straps as well.
Condition: Good condition. Arrived with pink staining on hand straps. Otherwise excellent condition.
Price: $20 + shipping

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