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DS: lots of BTSSB and an AP-inspired handmade skirt

- I ship from Finland
- all prices are in EURO
- the prices do not include shipping costs
- my feedback can be found here


Cute jacket with many details! It has lots of rose venice lace, a pretty logo embroidery on the pocket and a lovely Alice in Wonderland -themed lining. This jacket is also very versatile since the lacey collar, the frilly bustle on the back and the cuffs are all detachable. The jacket is in good condition, hardly ever used. It's very good for cool weather.


proof of ownership
the removable bustle on the back
the emroidery on the pocket
the cute lining


length: 52cm
shoulder width: 38cm
bust: 88cm
sleeve length: 61cm

Price: 105e

Handmade blue x pink skirt

This skirt has lots of pearls on the bottom ruffles, as well as pink rick-rack ribbon and two pink bows! It was inspired by AP's Candy Pop collection. Please keep in mind, that I am NOT a professional seamstress and this can be seen on the reverse side of the skirt, but there are no flaws that can be seen while wearing the skirt.


waist: 68cm
length: 52cm

Price: 21e

pink Parfait print skirt by BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT

A popular print by BABY featuring delicious looking parfaits with chocolate, cherries, candy canes and strawberries with many cute flowers floating around them. Unfortunately, this skirt has suffered some damage: the red color on the print has slightly bled, since I wasn't aware of this and tried to handwash it the way I wash all my clothes and the skirt also has stains. I have heard that the bleeding of the colors could be prevented by using vinegar and that way the stains could possibly be removed. However, I do not guarantee this.



the whole skirt
the back of the skirt


waist: 66cm (will stretch slightly because of the shirring panel at the back)
length: 55cm

Price: 40e

White wristcuffs by BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT

very cute cuffs with white cotton lace and pink ribbons. These add a nice touch to any sweet outfit! One of the cuffs has some slight yellowing on the reverse side, which cannot really be seen when using.

Price: 11e

Thank you for looking and have a nice day! :)
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, handmade

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