Märchen schreibt die Zeit (lokisday) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Märchen schreibt die Zeit

WTB: H.Naoto Longsleeve or Cardigan

'Lo people! =)

I'm looking for a longsleeve or cardigan by H.Naoto. This is my feedback page and here are some examples of the kind of thing I like!

...I think you get the idea. Long sleeves, punky, but a bit more mature than generic punk. ^^ I couldn't find anything with a very busy print on the s-inc e-shop, but I also like the sort of rusty red coloured prints that h.Naoto Blood uses a lot.

Does anyone have such a thing lying around that they don't want anymore? ^^

xx loki
Tags: !wtb, h.naoto

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