Nattasaurus. (rongunatt) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: black colourway socks to match Dreamy Dollhouse!

My feedback is here. (:

I'm in search for brand/offbrand/replica knee high or OTK (much preferred) socks to go with my black Dreamy Dollhouse JSK.

I'd much prefer to buy from a country relatively close to Australia, since I need these by 4th of November the latest!

I don't really mind what series they're from, aslong as they have the same colour combos as Dreamy Dollhouse (black, pink, blue, yellow, lavender, etc).

Price: looking to pay about $25USD before shipping, but will consider another price if I like your socks enough - I just need these fast!

Please no US sellers. I've had to gamble with other things I've bought (some have come a week after being shipped, others up to a month), and can't really risk these taking ~3 weeks to get here. I need them soon!

Thank you! <3

Tags: !wtb

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