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DS: Mint Berry Shop - Nails, hats, hair accessories

Hello! We are sassystrawberry and raydance and we have just launched a new store for you that carries cute accessories and clothing that will fit into lolita, fairykei, dollykei and otome styles.

We've just launched our first collection with more to come, hope you girls enjoy what we have. Visit us also at our website,

My feedback available here:
sassystrawberry's here:

♥ All prices are in USD. Items are shipped from Singapore, international buyers are welcome.
♥ At this stage, we only accept Paypal payments, fees (if any) should be borne by customers.
♥ Prices do not include shipping; customers have the choice between EMS shipping (Fast, tracked shipping, but expensive), or registered mail (Tracking number, but slightly longer delivery time).
♥ Click on pictures to see larger ones!

Strawberry Jam - $18

Set of 10 delicious-looking sparkling nails in shades of red and pink.
Only 1 set available.

Pink Sparkle - $15

Set of 10 clear nails with the tips encrusted in pink sparkles.
2 sets available.

Darkling - $18

Lovely black nails with sparkling gem and bow accents. Each set has 10 decorated nails.
Only 1 set available.

Pastel Pop - $10

Let your colours pop with this set of 10 colourful nails!
5 sets available.

Strawberry Sherbert - $15

Deep pink and white nails, with strawberry and pearl accents. Delicious!
4 sets available.

Pink Dots - $10

Adorable pink and white nails with bow accents.
4 sets available.

Classy Pink - $10

A classy black pattern adorns a pink base. Versatile enough for everyday wear.
3 sets available.

Bunnies - $15

Cute bunnies and sweets hop straight into your heart in our favourite set. Each nail set comes with 5 deco-ed nails, and 5 white-to-pink gradient nails.
4 sets left.

Panda Pop - $18

Pandas and bows make a cutesy pair in this set of 10 nails.
3 sets left.

Strawberry Straw Hat - $25

Little pink bows and strawberries adorn this cute straw hat. Great for classic or country styles! Only one available.
Item preferably shipped in a box to avoid crushing. This may increase shipping prices. Please let us know if you prefer it sent another way.

Hey Sailor! - $25

Sold thank you!
Hey Sailor! Great to coordi with your sailor lolita dresses. Please note ribbons are navy and white. Only one available.
Item preferably shipped in a box to avoid crushing. This may increase shipping prices. Please let us know if you prefer it sent another way.

Nautical Pins

The stylish navy and military themed pins will jazz up any coordinate! Pin them onto your berets, jackets, dresses, etc!

A: Big Nautical pin - $10
C: Anchor and Feathers - $8
E: Anchor and Stripes (Blue) - $8
F: Anchor and Stripes (Red) - $8
G: Military Decoration - $10

Twin Rose pins - $10

Beautiful twin rose pins set on a double-function back (crocodile clip + brooch).

Choose from 8 different colours (Clockwise from top left):
RedxBlack, Brown, Pink, Offwhite, Mint, Light Blue, Navy, Red

Thank you for looking! We look forward to your orders~! Visit our blog for coordination ideas, and to keep up to date on new releases!
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