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DS: AP Cutsew and Socks

Hey all, today I am only selling two items. Both are of Angelic Pretty and are brand new.

-Paypal only please
-All prices in USD, shipping not included
-Usually I ship within the next day
-I only ship EMS (Shipping is only $13.  Sorry for the inconvenience)
-I ship from Nagoya, Japan
-First person to leave their paypal gets the item
-Feel free to ask any questions
-My feedback can be found here

1. AP Glitter Playing Cards OTK (Brand New, Never Worn)
Size: 22-24 cm
Color:WhitexPink w/ Silver Accents

Proof Pic 1 of Socks
Proof Pic 2 of Socks
Stock Photos

2. AP Whipped Cherry Berry Cutsew (Brand New, Never Worn)
Size: Length: 56cm, Bust: 80cm, Waist: 78cm, Sleeve Length (Lace): 15cm+3cm, Cuff: 28cm
Color: Sax
Price: $60

Proof of whole Cutsew
Lace and Sleeve Detail
Sleeve Detail 2
Collar Lace Detail
AP Tag Closeup
Stock Photos
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:blue, item:cutsew, item:legwear
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