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DS: AP, Meta, Bodyline, In the Starlight, and More!

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Screencaps from EGL/EGA Databases: Here and here

Please read:
- I live in WA, USA
- Items are not refundable
- I am not responsible for lost orders
- Items may be negotiable
- I do not do trades
- Shipping is included in the US ONLY
- I can ship internationally, but it will cost more
- I accept only paypal cc/noncc
- I accept paypal with fees 5%
- If you would like to avoid paypal fees, you can send the money through paypal: personal: gift using a debit or paypal balance

Priority goes to people with the highest offer.

Angelic Pretty Pink Polkadot Skirt

Waist: 27"
Length: 17"
Bow is detachable.
Tried on once, not worn.
$100 shipped or best offer

Bodyline Black Long-sleeve Blouse

Bust: 37" max
Waist: 31" max"
Worn twice.
$33 shipped or best offer

Forever 21 Black Chiffon Blouse


Size: US small
Pictures have been lightened to show details.
I have 2 of these blouses.
Both tried, NWOT.
$18 shipped or best offer

AP Replica Black Star Bag

Closeup of side
Closeup of other side
Buckle strap
Heart keychain
Height: 11"
Width: 3"
Used with minor dents.
$35 shipped or best offer

Meta LP Tote

Length: 11"

Width: 5"
Height: 10"
New. $18 shipped or best offer

Ivory Tricorn Hat - commissioned by sakurafairy</lj>

Other side
Side: 8"
Worn once.
$37 shipped or best offer

Red x Black Masquerade Mask - commissioned by Bridal Bijou

Wand height: 13"
Worn once.
$37 or best offer

Red x Black Rose Veil Headdress

Never worn.
$20 or best offer

In the Starlight Pink x White Headdress


$18 shipped or best offer

Red Cherry Cuffs - commissioned by kuramew

$15 shipped or best offer

Feel free to ask questions and to leave an offer! Thank you for looking!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, in the starlight, metamorphose
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