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DS!/AFC tea cup hair clips

today i have for sale some tea cup hair clips! each one can be converted to a headband (encouraged for short hair) for an extra 3$
i only Take Paypal Payments
shipping to the U.S  is 4.00$ for one cup for 2 cups its it s 5.90
international shipping is 5.50$ for one cup and 7$ for 2
my prices are in USD
and i ship from the united states!
my egl feedback:

each one has an alligator clip attached to the bottom of the tea cup.
these clips work much better in pulled up/ styled hair or in a wig any
way flat or styled! they are lightweight and not very noticeable when
worn weight wise.They can be added to  a headband.

~1~ black coco Tea cup hair clip 13$SOLD
This Clip is part of a test for me there for you get it at a lower
price! because this is a test the cup does have a flaw of bubbling in
the paint as shown in the  photo. it is not noticeable at all when
worn though!! i added some brown cream into the cup to make coco! then added some sugar

~2~ Pink x Black Tea Cup hair Clip 17$
this cup features a adorable pastel Pink Cup with a flower shaped
Saucer i added vanilla cream into the cup then added a black licorice
drizzle then added some Black and light pink Sprinkles to top it all
off! inside the cup is back bows carousel horses and cupcakes!

from bottom to the top of the bunny ear is 2 1/2 inches tall by 2 inches wide

~3~ Pink CoCo Tea Cup Hair Clip 15$

This Tea cup starts off with a hot pink cup with a flower shaped saucer
. then i filled the cup up with chocolate cream! i added 2 types of
sugars onto it! a thick sugar and a glitter sprinkle witch makes it

~4~Mint Mini Tea Cup Hair Clip 12$

This Cup is Part of my new styles! they are mini cups! the will work in
all sorts of hair as they are much smaller then the other styles! they
will even work in short hair! this cup is a striped pink green and
white Tea cup with mint cream! i added a cute some cute Heart cane
sticks as well as tons of glitter made to look like sugar!
from bottom to the top is 2 inches tall by 2 inches wide

~5~ purple Rose Tea Cup Hair Clips 15$
This tea cup has a adorable purple Polka doted Cup then i placed some
yummy pink whipped cream into it! i added a cute and delicate purple
Flower into it then placed dome hot pint AB milky Rhinestones onto it
for extra sparkles!

~6~ Tea Cup Hair Clip Gothic Hello Kitty 19.00$
here is my latest tea cup hair clip i went for more of darker feel with
this cup as Halloween is coming up fast! i went with a gothic hello
kitty Halloween theme! i placed not the cream a gothic hello kitty
figure , black roses , a big black and white polka dot bow,spiders and
bats! all the Creatures need to make a cute yet creepy theme! the color
of the cup its self is pretty true to the picture just slightly darker!
to bring the whole cup together i added a black bow onto the front!

i am open to do custom orders for these clips! i took some pictures of the cups that are avalible! please note that they are not as dark as the appear in the photo thats just doe to bad lighting! 
here are my costs:
Mini Cup 16$
medium sized cups  18$ and up
large cups 20$ and up
i can make cups to match many sweet prints! to date ive done wonder cookie wonder party jewelry jelly and cherry berry bunny 
colors of cream i have: white pink lavender light blue yellow green, mint, chocolate
just let me know what your looking for and i can show you what ive got!

~worn photo of cups~

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !afc, !ds, handmade
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