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DS: Wig with Cotton Candy Pigtails and $69 Metamorphose Black OP

Payment: Paypal only
Shipping from Wisconsin
Items come from a clean, smoke-free home (I do own cats)
All sales final
Feedback here.

Wig with Pigtail Clips: Sold

For sale is a wig I just received in the mail today from Loli-Loli Paradise. It was from a small group order - she does not have these in stock normally, and I'm not sure she'll make another order for them in the future - they were a special request based on a photo of a wig a Japanese lolita was wearing. The main color is blue, and there are strands of lavender mixed in - it's a more subtle mixture than traditional split wigs. It comes with two claw pigtail clips that look exactly like cotton candy. I really love the clips to death, but it just doesn't look good on me. I only tried it on once. It's not the thickest wig I've ever owned, but not the thinnest either. It seems similar to my GLW bob wig.

Priority shipping in the US is $5.99.

You can see a worn photo by a different girl here.

Selling a $69 Black Metamorphose OP here. Great for new lolitas, also plus size friendly.
Tags: !ds, *plus size, color:black, color:blue, color:purple, item:onepiece, item:wigs, metamorphose, offbrand

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