snowfinite (snowfinite) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB, !DT: shoes in 7.5 US / 38 EU / 24.5 cm / L size

hello all,

i'm really in need of lolita shoes, as my loliable ones are slowly giving out ._. please respond with your price and condition, including cheapest shipping to the US. i'm also in the greater bay area, so i'd definitely be willing to meet up with anyone locally! (fingers crossed for no more earthquakes x_x).

what i'm looking for:
- size 7.5 US (wide if possible); aka EU 38, 24.5 cm, L size
- any brand is fine -- SS, linglam / montreal, bodyline in particular. i'm willing to shell out more for actual AP teaparties too, but please keep in mind i'm looking to establish a collection first =]
- traditional tea parties, boots(!), classic ankle boots / oxfords, mary janes, heartbuckles
- mint, brown / cafe, ivory, black, red (<< tea parties specifically) found, thanks!

**oh! i almost forgot. i'd love some AP engineer boots too =]

what i don't want:
- anything with excessive bows
- in general, rhinestones
- RHS -- i have a pair i love already!
- heavily worn or beat up shoes, since i'm very rough on all of my shoes, so i need them to be in a condition where i can beat them up xD
- sax, or b&w
- anything shiny
- anything with a heel > 3in

i do have some things to trade, they're an LBC miniskirt in mint, and two pairs of AP OTKs (nwot).

here's my feedback & thanks!

Tags: !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, bodyline, secret shop
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