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DS/DT: cinderella jewelry 1 jsk ^_^ ~ sold

* my feedback can be found on egl fb and on my journal
* location: Toronto
* I take direct paypal or email transfer only (aka no echecks)
*prices in USD
*prices  do not include shipping unless stated
*paypal fees FREE
*all items are cleaned before shipment unless new
*serious buyers only, if you waste my time i will no longer sell to you
* i have a cat, and a dog, neither wear the clothing but be warned!
*i will do hold and payment plans with a minimum of 20% down (after 3 days of sale post up)
*priority ranks - pay first and then north American buyers 
*put your paypal down if you want it, if it's just a question i will not count you in rank of order
*i prefer to ship with tracking, but i can offer other methods at ur own risk.

EVERYTHING IS OBO ~ please note i can choose to wait 24 hours to accept an offer below my price

u know the usual..

price: sold^^
trade: for anything on my wishlist (on my facebook page here:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.271233369583169.67539.100000895258675&type=3)
i will also look at flat shoes/boots in size M and other jsk/ops in black that might not be on my wishlist

size info and such: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/baby-the-stars-shine-bright/type/jsk/item/98/

also this is the BLACK AND PINK version , please note stock photo is wrong color, i've only tried on the dress, to my disappointment it doesn't fit me quite right..it's so beautiful i'm sad but hopefully it can make someone else happy!

PROOF : front and back

stock photos:

right colour way:

thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright
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