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DS!Victorian Maiden JSK, Bodyline, Besteyville, Vintage Dress, Offbrand Coat, More! Cheap!

Hello! I am selling this stuff to empty out my wardrobe and to also pay for my college tuition so please help me out a little. I try to take good care of most of my things some of my stuff i did buy second hand so some of the flaws came to me that way. I have feedback here:

Victorian Maiden:

Burgundy X Gold Lace Jsk 200 usd + Shipping (10USD in US and 16 outside US):

Bust: I would say Max about 35 to 36 inches no more than that
Waist: 27 inches
Length:36 inches
I bought this one brand new off the site several years ago. I only wore it a few times and it looks barely worn almost new. I don't have the tags anymore since i moved. It needs a new home and somebody that will wear it more than i did.

Vintage Dusty Pink Dress: 30 USD+ Shipping (10USD in US and 16 outside US):

Bust: 34 inches
Waist: 26inches
Length: 36 inches

I've never worn this dress. It is perfect for classic lolita or even dolly kei or mori girl. Perfect vintage condition. It is a child's size 14. It has some slight stretch to it so it could fit a little bit bigger. The fabric has a very cool pattern to it. Very unique!

Peace now Knit Tulle Cut Sew : 5 USD ( 5 USD shipping In US and 10 outside US)

Bust: 33
Waist: 27
Length: 19

I've only worn this item once. It is a really unique piece and very good for layering with casual coordinates. It would look really good with a Dolly kei inspired coordinate.

Offbrand Polkadot Waistcoat 7 USD+ Shipping ( 5 USD in US 10 USD outside US)

Bust: 36
Waist: 27
Length: 19
I've only worn this once. It is a great item to tie together any coordinate. it's pretty stretchy and could possibly fit a bit bigger than the measurements it can fits smaller as well. You can adjust the sizing.

Lolita Hair Accessories

Bodyline Round Headdresses+ Shipping ( 15 each)

I kind of hoarded Hair Accessories for years now it's time for me to let go of some of them.

Grey Pom pom Socks : 2 USD
Burgundy Large Rose Headband: SOLD
RedX Black Rose Bow Headband: 5 USD
Sparkly Black Rose Headband: 6 USD
Black Rose Hair Clip: 5 USD
Cream Rose Hair Clip:SOLD
Navy Rose Headband: SOLD
Rose Garland Headband: SOLD
Silk Red Rose Headband: SOLD

Thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand, peace now, victorian maiden
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