cutiechan99 (cutiechan99) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS AP Chess Chocolate OP brown

*I do payment plan on dresses. You must put down half of non-refundable
deposit for me to hold it for you. We can work out on a payment plan
that would be flexible for you.

*no e-checks
*prices doesn't include pp fees

*Not trading. Please don't ask to trade.
*U.S. shipping includes tracking. International shipping
includes insured on items over 100 no tracking. If you want
tracking I will give  you a shipping quote.

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL USERS: If package gets lots in the mail. I'm not responsible for it. Is the mail fault
my feedback:

Chess Chocolate OP

$430 plus shipping

proof pic.

Measurements: 86cm + 3cm (lace) length, 36cm
shoulder width, 91cm bust, 71cm waist, 60cm sleeve length (short
sleeves: 17cm), 22cm cuff (short sleeves: 30cm)

This dress it's new. Never worn.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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