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DS: H.naoto stuff, betsey johnson, btssb, APsocks, DECO NAILS / AFC, old sales

I Ship from USA
USA first class tracked

USA shipping and pp fees included
i require tracking, this makes overseas expensive.( + appx $15)
I will do NYC face-trade

Betsey Johnson Argyle OTK $20

worn once or twice, great fit, super comfy for thighs that find AP/BTSSB socks a tad tight. I just never wore them.

AP Chandelier OTK silver $38

worn maybe once by me, bought second hand, heels/soles are a bit dirty but nothing noticeable when worn with shoes.

Pale Pink OTK from UrbanOutfitters $20

Work  once or twice

BTSSB Knee socks $23

worn once or twice

Hangry and Angry sticker $2

H.Naoto pin $10

H.naoto tee $40

the ink has some glitter to it. brand new with tags. price says $47.95

H.naoto music collection no.001 ($offer?)

i have no idea what this is worth .-. They said it's the music they play at their fashion shows. new, sealed in package.

H.naoto Sixh. Minashigo ($offer?)

i have no idea what this is worth .-. I'm guessing it's collab music? New, sealed in packaging.

all made by me by hand, with gems and swarovski crystals. again, prices include shipping and fees.

Yes, I do commissions. I can also do sizing. I can also remake something if it's sold. <3

Style 1: Purple Galazy $38

Style 2: Purple fade $32 (ogod why is this so blurry)

Style 3: Pastel stars and bear $30

Style 4: Bleeding black glitter Bleeding pink (nude color is semi transparent and blends to natural nail) $35

Style 5: Bleeding pink (nude color is semi transparent and blends to natural nail) $38

Style 6: Blue ocean $22 (you can't see it well but these are very deep and shiny and blue)

Style 7: Lavender bows and dots $35

old sales: Replica melty chocolate, old AP, milk, btssb, cardi's.

other sales: GO EOS contact lenses here ends 10/25

Tags: !afc, !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, h.naoto
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