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!DS: Handmade and Offbrand (some L size friendly)

♥ Shipping from Chile.

♥ Feedback can be found HERE.

♥ I accept payment by PAYPAL only.

♥ Prices in USD. Prices exclude PP fees and shipping. I'll ship with a tracking number. Shipping will be calculated (i.e. It's aprox US$40 for a dress or US$30 for a skirt).


♥ I have cats. I keep them away from the clothes but you might find hair, allergies beware.

♥ Please, comment only if you're really interested on buying. If you want more info about something, you may ask.

♥ I'm not taking comissions for clothes by now, please don't ask ;3


* Handmade Stuff *

I have a small brand -we're just starting- with my best friend Ale, it's called "Claro de Luna".
Some things are made by her and some, made by me... so I divided them :3

I.- Claro de Luna - Handmade by Ale         
Size M (Bust: 90 cms. / Waist: 65-70 cms.)

* Blouses - US$30 each / Condition - NEW:

* Bustled Skirts - US$70 each (waist ties aren't included) / Worn once:

* Black Pintucks - US$60/ Condition - Worn Once:

* White JSK - US$80 / Condition - Worn once:


II.- Claro de Luna - Handmade by Me         
Size: *Free (*Bust: max 110 cms. / Waist: max 100 cms.)

* White & Golden Crowns JSK - US$100 / Condition - NEW:
And THIS is a bad picture of the print, so you can actually see it.

* Red Pintucks - US$80 / Condition - Worn once:


* Offbrand Stuff *

III.- Cardigans - US$20 each / Condition - NEW without tags:
Size S-M


IV.- Secret Shop Socks - US$10 / Condition - NEW without tags: SOLD

~ That's all by now... thank you for watching!!! ♥

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