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!DS RARE ETC&ST Print JSKs&SKs/ BL cardigan/ AP cutsew/ NEW and Old items with huge price reduction!

Hi everyone!
I'm urgently in need of money now so I decided to do a ETC&ST clearence.

❤Please read before commenting❤

My feed back page here(29+):
- PayPal only
- Prices are in EUR or SEK and don't include shipping cost and paypal fees(4% usually) .
- I ship from Sweden by 1st class. Please keep in mind that it's always quite expensive shipping from Sweden!!
- Prices are negotiable. Priority goes to first user who drops their paypal
- You will have 48 hours to pay once you are invoiced.
- I'm not responsible for damaged or lost packages
-Serious buyers only please^^
- Measurements - I try to be as accurate as possible, but there may be some error. not responsible if the item doesn't fit
- No refunds, returns, or exchanges.
- No trade this time, sorry

PLUS: I may not have much time to do the hand-wash for everything before shipping this time. If you need the clothes to be cleaned please let me know. Thank you very much. 

5/5 = Brand new, never worn, either with or without tags
4/5 = Worn but still in mint condition.
3/5 = A little problem(s) or there's a feeling of worn.
2/5 = problems(s)
1/5 = Bad

============ LIST =============

ETC - Tea party print JSK in Red
Price: 118euros
Sipping: 12 euros within EU/ 14 euros international

Description: Extremely cute ETC tea party print dress! One of my favorite actually, but I just need money urgently now so I have to find her a new owner..Originally paid more than 160 euros on it..Great condition, only worn twice. back zipped.
Measurement: length=94cm bust=84cm waist=70cm

ETC - Ballet Chiffon NOP
Price: 50 euros
Shipping: 9.5 euros within EU/ 11 euros international

Description: Super cute chiffon dress in good condition from ETC! Only worn twice.Perfect for a sweet casual outfit. back zipped.
Measurement: Length=90cm Bust=84cm waist=76cm
Condition: 3/5

Shirley Temple - poodle melody print SK
Price: 50euros--> 30 euros

shipping: 6.5 euros within EU/ 9 euros international 

Description: Kinda rare! Lovely print and cutting for sweet casual looks. Almost new. 
Measurement: length=49cm  waist=60cm-74cm
Condition: 4/5

ST - Alice's room print dress SOLD THANK YOU!
Price: 118 euros
Shipping: 12euros within EU/ 14 euros international

Decription: Super cute Alice's room Print from Shirley Temple.Also one of my favorite dresses. The design is sooooo one of the kind!! Back zipped. Worn only once, in very good condition. Original price is about 28000yen as far as I remembered.
Measurement: Length=90cm Bust=85cm Waist=74cm

ST - Cinderella Print OP -

Price: 108 euros
Shipping: 12 euros within EU/ 14 euros international

Description: Super cute Cinderella Print OP from Shirley Temple. One of my favorite ST dresses. I would never sell it if I wasn't so urgently in need of money... Every detail of this dress is just too loveable! Back zipped and there comes a pair of back ties. Only worn once, in very good condition. Original price was 24995yen.
Measurement: Length=90cm Bust=85cm Waist=74cm
Condition: 4/5

ETC - Ribbon necklace print T-shirt
Price: 19 euros
Shipping: 6 euros within EU/8 euros international

Description: Lovely cream yellow T-thirt from ETC, with glittery riboon neck lace print. Perfect for girly or fairy kei looks! Bought new and worn twice, but still in good condition.
Measurement: length=50cm shoulder=36cm bust<90cm waist<79cm

Bodyline - red cardigan - SOLD THANK YOU!
Price: 18 euros
Shipping: 6 euros within EU/ 8 euros international

Description: Bought new and only tried on once! almost new condition! It's a lovely cardigan, however I just have got too many red stuff. I need to get rid of it.
Measurement: length=36cm bust=80-100cm Shoulder length=36cm Sleeve length 62cm
Condition: 4/5 to 5/5


ETC - Cherry block JSK SOLD THANK YOU!
Price: 78euros=> 55 euros
Shipping: 17euros within EU/ 19 euros international

Description: Super cute dress in nice condition! Only worn twice.The cutting is really great. Perfect for a sweet casual outfit. Full back shirring.
Measurement: Length=92cm Bust=76cm- 90cm waist=62cm- 76cm
Condition: 4/5


Price: 74euros => 50 euros
Shipping: 17euros within EU/ 19 euros international 

Description: Super cute dress in good condition. Worn twice and washed once.The cutting is really great. Perfect for a sweet casual outfit.
Measurement: Length=96cm Bust=84cm waist=72cm
Condition: 3/5

AP black cutsew - SOLD THANK YOU!

Price: 38 euros=>28 euros
Shipping: 9 euros within EU/ 11 euros international

Description: Good condition with beautiful laces and ribbons. Worn several times and washed twice.
Measurement: Length=45cm, Bust=86cm, waist=74cm, sleeve length=58.5cm

Heart E - velvet lace skirt SOLD THANK YOU!

Price: 45euros =25 % off=> 23 euros
Shipping: 15.5 euros within EU/17 euros international

Description: Lovely skirt with beautiful cutting! Great condition and brilliant quanlity. Worn only once and washed once. With a hint of vintage flavor><.  Perfect for autumn and winter.
Measurement: length= 52cm waist=70cm
Condition: 4/5

Thanks very much for watching!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, emily temple cute, heart e, shirley temple
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