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!WTB: Cheap white JSK/OP (for Guro) and Petticoat

My terms (please read first):

- I'm located in Germany
- I ONLY pay via PayPal
- I have positive feedback (as seller and buyer) here:

Hello lovelies,

as you all know halloween is coming up and I just had to change my plans so I need an outfit now. I'm aware that there's not much time left, so I prefer sellers from Europe (even better Germany) or sellers that can provide shipping that makes it possible that the items arrive by the  29th.
Now onto the items I need:

1. White OP/JSK
I want to try Guro, so I need a cheap offbrand (bodyline/taobao) white JSK/OP.
Here are some that I like, but please just show me what you have (I can't be very picky right now, I know). But I really really like the first one:

2. Cupcake Petticoat
As my wardrobe tends more to otome styles, I sold my cupcake petticoat. Now I need one, as I only have very light ones left.
It doesn't need to be super poofy or high quality, cause I won't wear it often. So offbrand/selfmade is totally fine and very appreciated :)

Thank you a lot for your help EGL!
Tags: !wtb
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