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!DS: Miracle Candy, Replica Pony Bag and more!

A quick warning: I'm shipping from Brazil and the brazilian post was in a strike about a month ago. It's back to normal now and I had no problems sending packages to other states inside the country, but there might still be a couple of days' delay on international packages because they're catching up on older ones. To try and minimize this, I'll be shipping everything on the next workday after the payment is received.

Also, the online shipping calculator is not completely accurate so if it's less than what I charged, I'll refund the difference, but won't charge the extra if it's <$10 more expensive than what I calculated.

Angelic Pretty Pleated Skirt - U$80 OBO

Bought brand new with tags, worn only once. Still new-like.

Proof of ownership - 1 2

Miracle Candy OP + Headbow Set - U$320 OBO

Worn a couple of times by the previous owner and only once by me. There are some signs of wear (light stains on the back), but nothing too noticeable (I couldn't even picture them). Waist and neck ties are included.

Proof of ownership - 1 2 3

KidsYoYo Carnival Replica - U$120 OBO

Brand new, only tried on at home for a few minutes. I'll include the little package with extra buttons.

Bust: 86cm
Waist: 66cm
Lenght: 87cm

The shirring on the back can make the bust area roomier, but not the waist. I'd say only buy if you have a maximum of 64cm waist (fits up to 66cm, but not very comfortably). The lenght was measured from the strap to the hem. I'm 5'6" and it hits just above my knees.

Proof of ownership - 1 2

Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly parka - U$80 OBO

Bought brand new with tags, tried on once. So... brand new without tags, I guess.
Proof of ownership - 1 2

Angelic Pretty Candy Border Socks - U$35 OBO SOLD!

Bought brand new with tags, tried on only one foot. Perfect condition.

Angelic Pretty Carnival Socks - U$45 OBO

Bought brand new with tags, tried on inside the house. The bottom is a little dirty for walking around, but it's still in mint condition overall.

Angelic Pretty Marshmallow Border Socks - U$35

Bought brand new with tags, tried on inside the house for a while. Bottom is not dirty on this one, but there are two loose threads.
Loose threads - 1 2

Secret Shop Knee-High Socks - U$15

Bought new, never tried on.

An*tai*na Red Trump Shoes - U$50 OBO

Bought new, only tried on. The size is 25cm. Quality isn't that great (an*tai*na's usual quality).

Angelic Pretty small purse - U$30 OBO On Hold!

This is quite an old piece, but it's still in good shape. The hoop where you attach the strap is a little damaged, but it's not noticeable and shouldn't be a problem (wasn't for me at least). Can easily be glued, too.

Damage - 1 2

Angelic Pretty Heart-shaped Bag - U$60 OBO SOLD!

Used many times but still in mint condition. No damages or signs of wear besides the bended handle you can see in the picture.

KidsYoYo AP Replica Pony Bag - U$80 OBO

Used a couple of times. It's in very good condition but the paws are a little stained from dust - I guess it wouldn't be hard to clean, but I didn't try doing it out of fear of washing it the wrong way and damaging the fur ;_;.

Dust on paw - 1

Annnd there's this little Chocomint bow I'll include for free if someone buys two (or more) socks and asks for it. :3 No additional costs. SOLD!

My feedback page can be found here.
Payments through paypal only, and in USD.
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