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!DS,!DT:Black ruffle dress,black bloomers,black skirt,black satin top and much more!

!DS,!DT:Black ruffle dress,black bloomers,black skirt,black satin top and more!

Black Skirt with lace and Satin.
Never worn.Like new.
Size S/M (68-74cm waist)
28 20euro + shipping

Black Blouse.Made in cotton, lace and satin.
Never worn.New.
Size: S/M
16 15euro + shipping

Black Satin Top with lace detaills.
Never worn.
Size S.
18 15euro + shipping

White new. Worn 2times.
Size M.
30euro +shipping.

Cute Corset with lace, you can change the colors of the tapes.This ones are included.
Just used for a photography session.Like new.
Size XS.
30 25euro + shipping

Melissa shoes.
Worn 2times.Like new.
The color is dark gray.
Size 24cm.
30euro + shipping.

This two bows like new.
Price: 5euro + shipping.

My feedback
I ship for EU.
Im from Portugal.
Please for more questions or negociate the prices or
images tell me
something^^ and thank you for
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