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!DS: [20% off] navy checkered skirt, anna house, two pairs of classic heels [new] Wonder Cookie, BPN

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  • Holds: I am willing to hold items for a non-refundable 20% deposit, unless stated otherwise. This may be negotiable, let me know if you want to work something out.

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  • Offers are welcome, but please keep in mind that due to my priority policies listed above, you may forfeit your spot in line in the process.

  • Loss of communication after 24 hours will be interpreted as a loss of interest, and the item will pass on to the next buyer in line.

  • All prices are in USD, and all measurements are amateur because I am armed with only a straight ruler and a flat mattress.

  • I reserve the right to refuse to sell to a user due to their feedback record, or due to poor transaction experiences I have had with them in the past.

  • If you are more comfortable purchasing through PMs, feel free to do so. However, please leave a comment here stating which item you are interested in and that you have PMed me, as a courtesy to other buyers.

My feedback is here.

BPN deep gray cross ring (NWOT) SOLD, thank you!

This BPN ring actually came in a (pre-packaged) set of three. Sadly, I'm not particularly fond of / don't usually wear the cross motif, but I was so in love with the other two, I bought the set anyway. Hopefully someone else can give this ring a good home!

The color is a dark, solid gray steel (so hot!), and features onyx-type rhinestones on each of the four corners. The cross even spells out BLACK PEACE NOW :D. I just got these rings today, so the condition is NWOT (the store owners cut the tags in order to put the rings in the box, as shown here). I'm sorry I had to wear the ring briefly for the photo -- it simply does not lie on its own, and due to the color of the ring, was impossible to take a photo of it without a backdrop. Otherwise the condition is completely new.

Size: US 5? (The band is adjustable)

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie Ring in light brown (NWT) SOLD, thank you!

I'm a sucker for completing sets of something (I love to collect colorways *-*), and I'm in love with the wonder cookie print / accessories! But this one just didn't work with my skin tone D: The condition is NWT; except for trying it on once and deciding I couldn't justify keeping it.

[ Proof picture ]

Everything below is reduced 20%!

Navy and White Offbrand Checkered Skirt

I bought this skirt secondhand, tried it on, and decided that it was just too tight at the waist D: My waist is 28", so I would recommend this for someone smaller unless you're ok with a tight fit. The waistband is VERY stretchy, and can technically accommodate up to a 36.5" waist (although again, this is not recommended). Due to the way the skirt is constructed, I would also highly recommend this to be paired with a cupcake petti, instead of an A-line petti. The back of the skirt looks the same as the front, and it is in wonderful condition! The only flaw I can find is that the elastic in the waistband has a tendency to twist.

Waist: max 26" (recommended, see description above)
Length: 20" from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the hem

Price: $9 $7.20 + shipping and pp fees

[ Proof picture ] [ Worn picture 2 ]

Anna House sax skirt SOLD, thank you!

Bought secondhand, still in excellent condition! Very full sax skirt trimmed with white lace and sax ribbons!

Waist: Free size, entire waist is elasticized.
Length: 18", from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the hem

Detail 1:

Detail 2:

[ Tag ]

Bisou Bisou classic burgundy heels (NWOT)

I'm the first owner, these ended up being too big for me. Only tried on, never worn! They're a lovely deep wine-colored suede, with padded soles that are super comfortable. Perfect for classic or casual! Interested buyers, please note: the inner soles of the shoes have several scratch markings. The shoes arrived to me this way, and I've included links to photographs of the scratches. Also, I couldn't peel off all of the price sticker on the inner heel of the right shoe, so there's a bit of the sticker left on the shoe. If you'd like, I can try to remove the remaining bit of sticker with rubbing alcohol and a little water before shipping out; please let me know if you'd like me to try!

Fits a U.S. women's size 7M
Amateur insole measurement: 24cm
Heel height (measured vertically from bottom of heel stopper to highest point of inner sole): 3.75 inches

Price: $25 $20 + shipping and pp fees

[ Proof picture ] [ Bottoms of the shoes ]

Scratches on the right shoe: [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
Scratches on the left shoe: [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

Dark chestnut offbrand peeptoes (NWOT)

Bought the wrong size because I was brilliant. Brand new, never worn out! They're a lovely shade of deep brown that would be versatile in both classic and casual. Sorry for the wonky coloring, the lighting in my room sucks.

Fits a U.S. women's size 7.5
Amateur insole measurement: 24.5cm
Heel height (measured vertically from bottom of the heel stopper to highest point of inner sole): 3.5 inches

Price: $12 $9.60 + shipping and pp fees

True color is midway between the above photo and the photo [ here ].

[ Proof picture ] [ Bottoms of the shoes ]

Thanks again for looking! <3
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