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DS: US Buyers only JetJ, PeaceNow, IW, AATP, Jane Maple, Bodyline

Fine Print

-I ship from Southern California
-I only accept Paypal. NO e-checks please.
-Whoever leaves Paypal e-mail address has priority but must pay within 24 hours of invoice then 2nd person gets the chance.
-Not interested in Trading at this time.
-I do not accept returns so please read all disclosures carefully.  Please do not take chances with size.
-Price INCLUDES SHIPPING (not insurance) and Paypal FEES.  Shipping will be First Class(otherwise noted) in an envelope or box with Tracking within 2 days of receiving payment excluding Sunday. 
-I will NOT ship internationally.   Sorry.
-I am not responsible for any lost package if  buyer does not pay additional fee for the insurance.
-I have a Yorkie- a dog breed with very minimal shedding.  My clothes are kept away from my dog .
-I have feedback here:  community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/350187.html

-All measurements are amateur/approx. measurements.

List of Sold
Item #7 Bodyline Black Petti,
Item #6 Bodyline Floral JSK
Item #2 AATP    XS-for extra skinny arms

Arm Cuffs NWOT (tried on once-too small for my arm)

NON stretching fabric.  $18 shipped

(invisible zipper closure)

14in length   

5.5in max circumference lowest wrist

8in max circumference upper part
Item #3 JetJ light beige/dark creme eyelet skirt
NWT $40 shipped Priority
Waist=24in-27max(drawstring waist) Length 27in

Item #5.      Jan Maple Velvet-like Skirt  $35 shipped
Max 26 in waist (no stretch to the fabric) 
Two button closure on the side.  No shirring...

Tiny flaw in the material as seen on last photo

Now on to SALES

Item #1    Innocent World Black JSK NWOT (tried on once)  $95shipped priority
Waist 24in - 27max
Bust 32in - 34.5max
Length from the waist 22 in
Adjustable shoulder strap via various button holes and beautiful lace   details. Partly shirred in the back-see third photo.

Item #4 PEACE NOW JSK (tried on once) $75 shipped priority
Shoulder straps are like bra straps and adjustable
Waist 25in -28.5max
Bust 32-34.5 max ( due to corseting-see third photo)

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