L-cakes (elegant_fiend) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/DT: Meta, putu, offbrand, handmade~



♥ I'm from Portugal and I will ship worldwide. Will ship within a week of the payment.
I am not responsible for lost packages or items damaged during shipping.
Although I will do my best to protect them.

♥ Shipping is not included

♥ Payment is made through paypal or by bank transfer.
Priority goes to first user who drops their paypal with the asking price or best offer,
which implies that paypal users have priority over bank transfer users.
Payment is expected within 24hours.

♥ You're in charge of the pp-fee. You may use the gift option if you'd like.
Never had a problem with that before.

♥ I am okay with marking down the package to avoid custom fees!

♥ I will hold items with a 20% non-refundable deposit.

♥ I can accept payment plans. Just propose and I'll consider.

♥ Extraneous comments will be screened in order to avoid cluttering.

♥ I don't have any pets nor do I smoke.

♥ No returns/refunds, please ask for anything you need before buying.

♥ Please note that all the measurements are amateur.
If you're unsure whether it fits you or not, please let me know your measurements and I'll check.

♥ Everything is negotiable

♥ Please do not leave a business deal in the middle

Hello Kitty Lolita collaboration wallet

please note: There is some imperfection on HK face but I couldn't capture it with my camera and this.

price: 10€ obo

Metamorphose Movie Shirt

Price: 20€ obo

Sanrio Chococat

price: 5€ obo

Putumayo Earmuffs

price: 18€ obo

AP - style cardigan

price: 20€ obo

traded with: duplica_chan

Demonia shoes


Size: 8US

Minor Scuffing

Price: 30€ obo

Btssb replica bag


price: 13€ obo

sold to: hacatta

Original Tokidoki bag

price: 65€ obo

original price: $162usd

traded with: hydeist_yuki

Alchemy gothic chocker - appeared in the GLB (I can search for the scan if you want!)


Price: make an offer.
Original Price: 40€

Metamorphose Teddy Cutsew


price: 20€ obo

Handmade skirts


Black x red

White x green

price: 5€ each obo

Thanks for looking and everything IS negotiable~
Tags: !ds, !dt, handmade, metamorphose, offbrand, putumayo
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