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WTB: sweet items, like blouses, boleros, parkas, headbows

Hello Ladies~

I want to buy some sweet, pastel colored blouses, preferably from Angelic Pretty. It should be short sleeved or with detechable sleeves. I'd like pink, yellow, sax or white ones. Not really know what I'm looking for, so I'd like to see your offers!

I also want to buy some stuff for the cold weather, you can show me your boleros, parkas, hoodies or coats. Just sweet style please!

I'm still looking for the Aqua Princess headbow in pink, and other headbows.

If you have boots in LL size, please show me~ But I don't want to spend for them too much, the shipping is expensive anyway.

So your offered items have to be sweet styled, and preferably Angelic Pretty <3

My feedback:

Thank you :D
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand
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