donatella_foxy (donatella_foxy) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Starry Night Theater skirt or replica OR the real deal + Chocomint Gold Star 2-way pin


Hi hi! I am looking for Starry Night Theater the replica or the AP version of the skirt in NAVY (feel free to offer other colors, but I really want navy!).

(size is not an issue! I sew!)

I need this before Halloween so I prefer US buyer, but if there is an international seller out there then I may pay higher for faster shipping ; A ;

I'm also interested in the Chocomint gold star brooch :D

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have to go to work soon so I will not be able to reply until later in the day, just be aware of that! I will try to reply during my break if time allows
Thank you so much!

Tags: !wtb, *replica, angelic pretty, chocomint
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