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!ds&dt&wtb OP's, JSK's, blouses, accessories, undergarments & more!

Location ; Adelaide, Australia.
Payment Method ; Paypal please.
Feedback ; Ebay & EGL <- I would appreciate buyers posting on my EGL feedback, as I really need to build this up. c:

Please note my prices are in AUD as I am Australian.

- Priority for my items goes to direct trades, then to whoever leaves their PayPal and is willing to pay full price, then to offers.
- I will wait 24 hours for your reply, if I have not heard from you, I will move on to the next person. c:
- Items are all OBO, so feel free to make offers; please be aware that I will sell to someone who posts after you if they offer full price.
- I have 2 cats in my house. Household and all visitors are non-smokers.
- I will accept payment plans with minimum 20% deposit; as long as the plan will be paid off by 1st December.
- If you select unregistered shipping, you must send your payment via personal payment. I will not risk being held responsible for lost packages when you chose not to insure them.

My shipping methods (I will provide quotes for all 3 for you to choose)
- Registered Mail ; Insured, signed on delivery. I will invoice you. Delivery in 3-10 business days.
- Airmail ; Uninsured, you must pay via personal payment. Delivery in 3-10 business days.
- Seamail ; Uninsured, you must pay via personal payment. Delivery over 1 month, cheapest option.
pp ; keiisahra(at)gmail(dot)com
Please comment your LJ username when you pay so I know who you are!

WTB anything! Show me what you have!!
Favorite brands ; Aatp, BTSSB, VM, IW, Meta, Infanta, Rose Melody, Dear Celine, Putumayo, etc.
I especially love vests, underbust & corset style dresses. I also love stripes..!
For a better idea of the style I like, see my previous WTB post for WTB & DT dresses~


Bodyline items (all in size M) ;

Pink Jumperskirt & Bolero - $40 set or $25 Bolero & $25 JSK sold
My proof picture

Sax Polka Dot OP & Headbow - $40 pending payment

My proof picture

More pics

Wa-loli OP in black - $45
*long sleeves are detatchable to make a cute OP!

My proof picture

I've tied up one side of the skirt to show if can be worn both ways. c:
More pics
Before being tied:
After being tied:

Yellow cherry JSK - $60

My proof picture

More pics

Black lace bunny blouse - $30 sold. c:
More pics

Black double-button JSK - $20
My proof picture

*note this item is intended to be worn over another blouse & skirt or OP, as the skirt is risen/slit & top is cut low.
More pics

White OP - $7 *With detatchable sleeves for $10
My proof picture

Please be aware this item has a large stain, you would need to wear something (like the JSK above) over it.
I have not attempted to wash this out (with cleaning products) but the OP has been washed in general.
*This OP has buttons in the sleeves to attach longer sleeves.

Rose Set - $60 or $15 blouse, $15 bolero, $10 tie, $30 skirt.

Blouse ;
Bolero ;
Tie ;
Skirt ;
Buttons ;

White Blouse - $12 - SOLD
More pics

Heart Apron - $25 *you can offer if you want the blouse with it, otherwise I intend to keep the blouse. c:

My proof picture

More pics

Other brands/Offbrand.

Boguta Pink Seporates set - $33 or $15 top & $25 skirt sold
My proof picture
The previous owner did not inform me about some small damage on these items, the top has some stitching and the skirt has a loose seam around the zipper, this can however be easily stitched up as new.
*If you intend to wear the skirt over the top as shown in the stock image, the stitching on the top will not be visible.

Kera Wa-Loli set - $50 (Includes dress, headdress, obi, leg warmers, petti)

My worn picture

More pics


Black and White Headband - $6

More pics

Pink mini hat - $3 sold

Black and White Headdress - $7

More pics

Pink Headdress - $7 - SOLD

More pics

Black and White bows - $3 each

Detatchable Sleeves - $4 Or with bodyline OP for $10

Loops to attach to buttons.

Please note most of the petti's provide minimal poof and should be worn under another petti for comfort (soft lining) or only if you want your skirt to be fairly flat.

White Bloomers - $10 - SOLD
*I've pulled the string on one side to show how it tightens. c:

Metamorphose Cream Rose Socks - $30 (BNWT)

White OTK socks with lace - $7

Lace detail

Bodyline Petti - $5 sold
*decent level of poof

Handmade Petti - $8

*decent but low level of poof

Offbrand Petti One - $5 sold
I have a black version of this I will sell for $8-1
*Low level of poof, very soft lining.

Offbrand Petti Two - $5 - SOLD
*Low level of poof, not really any at all, very soft lining.


Stiff Petti - $12 - SOLD
*Decent/good level of poof.
Outer layer/lace

Thank you for checking out my sales!
I just joined poupee, feel free to add me! <3

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