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DS, AFC : The Snow Field Wristcuff, petticoat

My feedbak :
Shipping from GA, USA
I have 4 cats. I try  to remove every single fur before I ship but I can't help some furs keep attach.. >_<

Give paypal address first has proiority :)

Shipping fee : 4 usd for US(with tracking), also 4 usd for International first class but no tracking(do not respons for losing packae)

Rocking Horse Dreaming - 35usd
more pictures :

Black Crow wristcuff - 30usd
more pictures :

Pastel a la mode 2 - 35usd
more pictures :

Go big red - 32usd
more pictures :

Calming Navy - 32usd
more pictures :

Autumn Lady - 32usd
more pictures  :

Chocolate Rose - 28usd
more pictures :

Little Lavender Lady - 35usd
more pictures :

Simply Wristcuff - 20usd Shipped everywhere
more pictures :

bow color can be chaned to any color you want with no charge.
lace color can be changed to any color you want.

 but extra 5usd coast, 
All my wristcuffs are finished compeletly, elastic band is covered with cotton bias tape.

Commissions for Peticoat - 45usd + 6 shipping in USA, 10 for everywhere.
more pictures :

Made with only soft tulle, prolonged more puffiness as time goes by.

color can be changed with no charge, length can be changd with no charge but extra more if you want longer than 60cm(23.5inch) one.

Sweet style wirstcuff in my order sales post too

* Commissions
Open for Wristcuff and JSK, OP commissions
PM me Please

More items(Minihats, JSK, OP, Bloomers etc on sale) at Etsy shop

Tags: !afc, !ds, indie brand

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