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Sweetie Cakes

DS: Bodyline Shoes, BTSSB replica jsk, and Plaid off brand jacket

Welcome to my Sales!
  •  I ship from the US, and I use the USPS (US Postal Service)
  • I do not include tracking or insurance~ please ask for it when you send me your paypal address.
  • I only accept Paypal payments.
  • I have college classes Mon, Tues,Wed- so I may be slow on shipping some items, so please take this into consideration
  • I also accept offers, don't be afraid to ask!

Feedback : http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1125469.html

I need these items gone, since I'm clearing out my closet for new ones!
So please don't be afraid to make an offer.

[I also do payment plans, and holds. (Holds are eligible for about 2 weeks.)]

(My proof of ownership will be my Baby Pooh Bear! :3 )


Bodyline BTSSB Replica Shoes RED Size JP 24 (I'm usually a US size 7, 7.5, or 8 for reference!)

$40 + $15 shipping (I have to ship them in a box- not a bubble mailer, if you want cheaper shipping, request it to be sent in a bubble mailer. It will be about $10)

I got them when they first came out, so remember they are older. But in still pretty good condition, I haven't worn them for about a year- so I decided to sell them! Only minor enamel scuffs (shown in photo) but it's soo hard to see- I almost didn't notice them! XD


Bodyline Triple Bow Heels PINK Size 24 JP (for size reference- I'm usually a 7-7.5-8 US)

Cute shoes, but Bodyline had shipped them to me with out a box. So the bows were a bit squished during shipping and there is a small kick on the side of one heel (pictured in photo)

I haven't tried getting off the scuff marks, but I think I can get some off with a Mr.Clean Eraser.

$38 + $15 shipping

Off Brand Black & Red Plaid Jacket bought it at a store in the mall for $65, and NEVER worn. The tag is taken off.

Size M but it is very spacy (good for layers under) so I think it can fit a bit bigger too~

$65 with shipping included.

BTSSB Replica from K-Star.

Only been worn 2-3 times, other then that hanging in my closet.
I paid around $90 for it, and I'd like to get at least $80 including shipping for it :3

$70 for the jsk + $10 shipping

It fits a size S-M and it does have some shirring in the back as well. ^^

Thank you for looking! :3

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