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DS : Divine Cross velvet black/Gold Moi Meme Moitie dress

Hi there !

- I'm from France
- Shipping is not included in prices. Please ask for a quote.
- I accept paypal (fees are not included) (et virements et chèques pour la France)
- The first buyer who can pay has the priority
- Please ask for measurements or everything you could need to know before buying because it will be to late to cancel afterwards.
- Please ask for more pictures if you want to be sure of the condition of an item. I'll try my best to describe everything.
-Feedback can be found here :

Divine Cross velvet black/Gold Moi Meme Moitie dress

I bought this dress a few month ago. It was my dream dress above all but i found out eventually that it doesn't suit me the way I'd like to. I think it's a shame to keep such a beautiful dress without enjoying it so I'm selling it. It's dress very hard to find and even more in this version, the velvet one.

When I bought the dress it was brand new with still the tag on it. I've only worn it once and not outside my appartment so I'd like to get back almost all what I paid for it. Please note I do own a cat but he is not allowed around my clothes.
Price : 500 EURO (please ask if you need to know how much it is in your currency)
I do accept offer altought.

Please ask if you need more picture !

Please contact me if you have any question I'll be more than happy to help you !

Tags: !ds, moi-meme-moitie
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