Grey Knight (asylumprince) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Grey Knight

DS! H. naoto Frill head dress


-Paypal only!
-I ship from Vacaville, CA- USA
-I am open to trades but payment takes precedent
-First person to pay full price and paypal e-mail will get the item.
-International buyers please add 8 USD on all items for shipping.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail

Feel Free to haggle and ask any questions if you are curious.

Brand new H. Naoto Frill head dress
55$ usd including shipping in US.
 Invoice sent to Fruitslove

I visited the SF h. Naoto store last week and in excitement bought this head dress on a whim. After thinking about it I realized I probably won't really be using it. :[

Without corsage in flash:

Without flash and with rose corsage:

The item is unworn. It has a comb underneath and a detachable rose pin. The ribbons says "The lovelinessof FRILL extends to the world."
Tags: !ds, h.naoto
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