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WTB: AP/BtssB Princess-y Dresses

 I live in The Netherlands
 My Feedback Page ~
 I am preferably looking for dresses with shirring in the back
        (my measurements are roughly bust 88 cm and waist 77 cm, so a blouse can fit under the dress very comfortably)
 I do not smoke and I rather have the dress I buy not to smell like smoke either
 Please don't be afraid to offer me a dress, the worst I can do is decline <3
 Thank you very much! n_n

Hello again, Princesses and Princes!

I am looking for pretty new dresses which are really very princess-y!
I prefer to buy Angelic Pretty or Baby the Stars Shine Bright dresses ^^

These are the styles I am currently looking for, with a pretty bustle back and lots of ribbons, lace and ruffles!
I prefer pastel colors like Pink, Lavender, Sax or Mint!

Here are some examples~

PrincessDress.jpg Princessy Dresses

Please don't be afraid to offer me a dress, worst thing I can do is decline!
Thank you very much for your attention!

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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