Wolfie (okami_loli_chan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Meta, handmade, and stockings; !WTB: blouse and shoes

~Paypal only, please!
~I don't smoke, but I do have a dog in the house, in case anyone is allergic.
~I have feedback on ebay under mylittlewolfie, and on [info]eglfeedback   here
~Prices do not include shipping, unless otherwise stated. Please comment with your location to get shipping estimate.
~I will ship as soon as I possibly can get to the post office after receiving payment.
~Please let me know if you have any questions!

Brown long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve blouse (my measurements are B:34, W: 27). I'd prefer off-brand/ something that is $50 or less.
Brown low-heeled shoes in US size 7.5. I'm looking for classic shoes that either lace up or are Mary Janes or T-strap. I will consider boots as well.


1. Sweet Summer Berry JSK, hand made by me, includes matching headbow: 45 USD
I made this dress a couple years ago, and it is just not my style anymore. It is not lined, and the waist ties are currently non-removable.

Bust: 88cm max
Underbust: 80cm max (can be made smaller with waist ties)
Waist: free
Length: 95cm



Matching headbow:

2. Metamorphose JSK: 50 USD shipping included to the US
This was purchased off the comm_sales a couple years ago, and I've worn it a fair few times but it is still in the same condition that it was when I purchased it. That is: good, except for a small spot on the side, which I've photographed, and which isn't noticeable when worn. The lace is also not exactly bright white, but I'm not sure if it's due to age or if the lace was just more of an off-white color to start with.

Bust: 88cm max
Waist: 80cm max, but can be made much smaller by the kind of curious corsetting belt thing built into it.
Length: 88cm





3. Foot Traffic Thigh High stockings in maroon: 5 USD Sale pending...
I excitedly bought two pairs of these only to find that this shade doesn't match what I intended them for, so I'm selling the unworn pair. The color looks very burgundy-like in the photo, but it actually has a bit more of a brownish tint in it. I'm not sure how to explain it properly, but it's really a straight up maroon, which tends more to the red side of the scale rather than burgundy's more purple-y shade.

The pair you'll get:

My pair, in order to see the color better:

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