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DS: Cleaning Out My Closet Again

Please Read This Before You Comment
♥ Paypal Only (CC, non-CC, eCheck *Note: payments made by eCheck will delay the shipment of your item. No items will be shipped until the eCheck has cleared.)
♥ Trades accepted but only for the items listed below sales post.
♥ Holds are accepted w/ a 50% non-refundable deposit. However, priority does go the first person able to pay the full amount right away. 
♥ First person to leave their PP information gets the item.
♥ All items will be shipped USPS Priority mail w/ tracking and insurance. 
♥ All prices include shipping within the US. For an International shipping quote please state your country.
♥ All items are shipped within 48 hours of payment. 
♥ No refunds. I am not responsible for any items lost or damaged in the mail. That is why insurance is included with all of these items.
♥ Allergy Alert! I do own two cats. They are not allowed anywhere near my closet. However, cat hair does have the tendency to float around. Please keep this in mind.

♥ Feedback: EGL Feedback  // eBay // My Journal

Some of the dresses are old or custom made so please refer to my sizes when trying to figure out whether or not it will fit you. 36 bust 32 waist 5'3" in


 (Four Week Repost w/ a price reduction) AaTP Constellation Corset JSK - $245 original $265

Additional Pictures:  1 2 3 4

Measurements & Other Info:
♥ Bust: 88cm (measurements taken from
♥ Natural Waist: 66cm
♥ Length: 93cm 
♥ Condition: Like New 
♥ Notes: I am the second owner of this JSK however I have not worn it at all since reciving it. It is new condition with no flaws. Not reccommend for anyone above the measurments listed. I am selling it because I found the version and color of this print that I want more then this one.

AaTP Constellation Babydoll JSK  - $160  Sold


Measurements & Other Info:
♥ Bust: 85~92cm (Measurements taken from
♥ Natural Waist: 78~85cm 
♥ Length: 92cm 
♥ Condition: Used but excellent condition
♥ Notes: Recently purchased from the sales comm so I am it's second owner. Still in new condition. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of how it looks on me, so I am re-selling it. 

Meta Red Sailor JSK - $100 Sold


Measurements & Other Info (These measurements are armature Please see my measurements above for comparison.):
♥ Bust: 30 in - 40 in
♥ Natural Waist: 28 - 36 in 
♥ Length: 29 in 
♥ Condition: Brand new w/o tags
♥ Notes: I am the first owner of this dress and it has only been worn by me once. It has a built in petti and also comes with a detectable waist bow. 

Rose Melody Crystal Chandelier JSK - $75


Measurements & Other Info (Custom made to these measurements):
♥ Bust: 86 cm
♥ Natural Waist: 81 cm ~ 92cm 
♥ Length: 93 cm 
♥ Condition: Brand new w/o tags
♥ Notes: I am the first owner of this dress and it has only been worn once. The white part is detachable in order to make it a under bust jsk. I can not find the original waist ties so I have dropped the price to reflect that. 

DOL Little Bears Cafe Replica JSK - $65 Sold

Measurements & Other Info:
♥ Bust: 90 cm - 105cm
♥ Natural Waist: 85 cm ~ (not sure but it is pretty big. My waist is about 85 cm and there was a lot of room left in it.) 
♥ Length: 92 cm 
♥ Condition: Like New
♥ Notes: I am the second owner of this dress, it has only been worn by me once for try on. The first owner purchased it through Clobbao as a size large. It's a little too big for me. The whole back panel of the dress is shirred and it does come with detachable waist ties to help make the waist smaller.

Bodyline Softcream Mint JSK - $50


Measurements & Other Info (Custom made to these measurements):
♥ Size: L
♥ Condition: Like new
♥ Notes: I am the second owner of this JSK and it has never been worn by me. It's still in brand new condition with no issues that I can see.

Dear Celine Chandelier Corset Skirt - $65


Measurements & Other Info (Custom made to these measurements):
♥ Natural Waist: 85 cm - 90 cm 
♥ Length: 76 cm (measured from top of skirt to bottom lace)
♥ Condition: New
♥ Notes: I am the first owner of this skirt. For some reason my shopping service decided to request this skirt a bit longer then what was originally asked for. I am 5'3" and it almost reaches past my knees. You can see photos of it worn above for reference. 

Atelier Pierrot Tartan Corset Skirt - $155

Measurements & Other Info:
♥ Natural Waist: 22in ~ 28in max
♥ Length: 25 in
♥ Condition: Like New
♥ Notes: I am the second owner of this skirt and it was only worn once by me for try on. This skirt was one of those situations where I wanted it, but didn't actually look at the measurements. Therefore it is much too small for me, and I would hate to have it altered simply because my big booty will not get into it. The skirt is gorgeous in person and pretty heavy, perfect for the fall and upcoming winter seasons.

Bodyline Carousel Skirt Black - $45  Sold

Measurements & Other Info:
♥ Size: Large 
♥ Natural Waist: 85 cm ~ 92cm 
♥ Condition: Brand new w/o tags
♥ Notes: I am the first owner of this skirt and it has never been worn by me. It does come with the detachable waist bow I just didn't get a chance to take a picture of it.



The first two have never been worn, the last pair to the right was worn once. No stains or damages.

AP Royal Crown Black x White Stripped Socks - $25
AP Pink x Blue Striped Socks - $20
Meta Apple Pink Socks - $15


As always it's a pleasure to do business with you ladies. Any questions comments or concerns will be answered as speedily as I can manage. 
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