sarahmelyne (sarahmelyne) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

[DS] Bodyline White shoes 24.5

 Hi girls !

----- GENERAL INFOS -----

- I ship from FRANCE -
- Shipping fees NOT included -
- I'm not responsible of shipping problems, there will be not refund so please choose the appropritate method -

- My EBAY feedback is HERE -
- My EGL Feedback is HERE -

- Bodyline White Shoes - 24.5cm - 39EU -

worn few times, only one default on the left shoes, quite invisble on pictures

40€ + shipping
54$ + shipping

Unfortunately, shipping for shoes is quite expensive, I'm sorry for that.

USA cheapest Shipping is: 32$
European Union: 16,15€

I'd Love to trade these for Tea party shoes, But I won't be able to charge shipping fees T_T

Tags: !ds, bodyline
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